Automotive Industry News 2022

Automotive industry news for 2022 is all about innovative problem-solving and creativity. The first half of the year will see a return of General Motors to the top of the sales charts, while the second half will see Rivian invest in the South. In addition, China’s auto industry will continue to face challenges from rising chip prices and the cost of raw materials. These issues will have a negative impact on the cost of batteries for electric vehicles.

Auto Manufacturers Will Bring Innovation and Creative Problem Solving to The Table in 2022

Automotive companies have a unique opportunity to drive innovation and creative problem solving by tapping into massive amounts of customer data. Data from in-car sensors, apps, leasing and financing arrangements, and more can be used to  engage consumers, develop new products, and upsell to existing customers.

Automakers have begun partnering with silicon companies to develop new ways to integrate new technology into their vehicles. Form factors for vehicles tend to stay the same year after year, but as technology improves and consumer preferences change, automakers are rethinking technology-driven systems. A new aggressive push to make vehicles more connected and entertainment-friendly is underway.

Shared Mobility is an Alternative to Vehicle Ownership

Shared mobility is a growing trend and a possible alternative to vehicle ownership. Shared mobility started out as community car sharing, but as technology has advanced, new kinds of vehicles have emerged and innovative usage scenarios have developed. For example, car subscription services provide a convenient alternative to … Continue reading >>>