The 2015 Lincoln Continental Turned out to Be Our Favorite Car

I told my wife that if we were going to get another vehicle and she wanted a car instead of an SUV that I would prefer we got a big car. She had no problem with that as she did not want anything small. She wanted a luxury vehicle with a nice ride and plenty of luxurious amenities. I was okay with that myself, so we got a 2015 Lincoln Continental. We had bought our SUV new, and we decided on getting the Lincoln used when we found the exact model we wanted in a car that had hardly any miles on it.

The previous owner was a car enthusiast who bought it for his wife, but she decided she wanted something else. We do not have that kind of luxury to trade in something just because we want something else. This purchase was going to be our family car for use to take ourselves and friends along with us when we went out as well as getting back and forth to work. We both work the same shift at the same place, but we wanted to keep the SUV for use in the winter when a four-wheel drive does come in handy at times. Plus, the SUV was now paid off, and it did not have high miles on it.

The 2015 Lincoln Continental is a real classy car that has strong lines and a powerful look to it. And there is actually room in the back seat to comfortably sit adults. The leather seating and the entire interior look so good that we do not do anything to mess it up. We both find ourselves wiping off the dash as soon as we get in if there is any dust. I make sure to wash it at least once per week and do the windows, and I really do not like doing the windows on any car. It is just that this car is so classy that you just want to keep it looking that way.

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