Be Prepared For 24 Hour Towing Assistance Before You Need It

Be Prepared For 24 Hour Towing Assistance Before You Need It

According to Forbes Magazine, an average driver in the United States spends an additional 20 minutes behind the wheel each week compared to five years ago. With this increase in use, there will be more wear and tear on the average vehicle than ever before. No one can predict when a breakdown will occur, but everyone can be prepared for when it happens. Even in newer vehicles, there are still unexpected possibilities that can disable the vehicle such as flat tires or collisions. The best way to protect yourself and your family is to be connected with any 24 hour towing services thornburg va.

Be Prepared For 24 Hour Towing Assistance Before You Need It

In the middle of the night or on the side of a busy highway, is not the best time to start your search for reliable towing assistance. Instead, be aware of the reasons that you may need 24 hour towing services, know the best towing provider to contact, and be able to protect yourself until the carrier arrives. Here are ways that will help you succeed during any vehicle mishap or emergency.

Common Reasons to Call a Tow Truck

There are times when a swift kick or hard key turn will get you out of the driveway and on your way. However, it’s important to realize when your vehicle needs a little more help. A dead battery, flat tire, or lack of gas can be a bit embarrassing but not so hard to fix. Actually, these problems may be easily remedied without moving your vehicle. A towing driver can bring the necessary equipment to assist with these while at the breakdown site. Other occurrences, such as an overheated engine, mechanical failure, or collision with another driver, will need to be transported to a repair facility away from the dangers of passing drivers. Not every repair shop owns a towing truck to bring in their customers but a 24 hour towing service would be equipped to help in those situations.

Choosing the Best 24 Hour Towing Service

In every line of business, some companies perform extremely well and some are quite horrible. When it comes to your car, finding a servicer that will help you and not cause further harm is paramount. Don’t rely on the customer reviews that providers post on their website. Instead, scrutinize reports of their trustworthiness and customer satisfaction on Facebook or through business directories such as Yelp and the Better Business Bureau. Also, inquire about the methods of payment that the company accepts along with the service rates for days, nights, and weekends. Consumer Reports suggests purchasing a roadside assistance plan for times of inclement weather where calls for towing service are up about four times the usual number. This may help lessen the out of pocket cost to get your vehicle moved.

Protecting Yourself Until the Driver Arrives

Unless a tow truck driver happens to pass by when your breakdown occurs, you will have some wait time for them to assist your vehicle. During this time, move your vehicle out of traffic as much as possible. It is ideal to get it onto the shoulder of the road so that you won’t block the ongoing traffic. If that is not possible, move as far out of the way as you can and use the emergency lights to indicate the trouble with your vehicle. If you can leave the vehicle and walk to a safer area, exit the vehicle through the door that is further away from the moving traffic. If it is not okay to leave, remain inside with the seat belt on. In either situation, pay close attention to the cars around you as they pass by.

Calling a 24 hour towing service is something that will happen to most drivers. Instead of dreading when that moment comes, researching a reliable towing service will allow you to travel the road peacefully.

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