Decorating the Office with a Show Plate

I began working from home earlier in the year and turned a room in my home into my office. There wasn’t anything in the office for decoration and I thought the room could use some decorations. I wanted a little humor in my office that could help me get past the monotonous daily tasks that I’m often faced with for hours. I thought about a show plate with a funny short message written on it that would make me laugh and went to to create one.

When it came to thinking of something humorous to put on a show plate, I was faced with a bit of writer’s block. I needed the message to be really short, while still saying something that could make me laugh whenever I looked at it. I thought about song lyrics, funny jokes, and puns, but I still couldn’t come up with anything good that would actually fit on the plate. Then it finally came to me. I made up a simple one that was related to my work and had a double meaning that I thought was hilarious. Out of the process of getting the plate, creating the contents of it was the hardest process, as ordering and shipping was easy.

Once the show plate arrived, I mounted it on my wall. Every time that I find myself getting bored, I glance over at the show plate and everything is better. The plate also helps me when I’m deep in thought about a particular issue. It’s a way for me to clear my head and get a focus on what I need to accomplish. Some people have things like posters and statues in their office that do the same thing, but I think a show plate is a better option that offers more customization.

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