August 12, 2020

Custom Plates is the Perfect Gift for Any Man

Have you ever seen one of those unique commercials that gets stuck in your head and you can’t quit thinking about it? Me too. The Plate Man is saturating the television networks with his commercials. Especially on days when there is a lot of sports or racing on. It makes perfect sense since men are the most likely target audience for these ads. What better time to air them. I know that if I am noticing them then a high percentage of men are noticing more about them. When you think about it it is some pretty clever marketing.

My curiosity got the better of me and I just had to look up this company one evening while I was playing around on the computer. I did not realize how many different types of number and show plates were available until I visited this site. It was actually quite mind-boggling to me. Since I was already there I went ahead and snooped around and actually started creating my own custom show plate for fun. Show plates are not road legal and have no restrictions on size, font, text, badges, borders, and colors. This was turning out to be kind of fun.

As I was playing around with making my own plates, I got the bright idea to get my husband a couple of plates with his name printed on them. This would be the perfect birthday present for him and he could hang them on the wall in his man cave. His birthday is next month and I’ve been wondering what to buy for him. He is such a hard person to buy for as he really doesn’t need anything. I’m going to probe him with some questions about colors and what he would want on a number plate if he could 100% create his own. After I gather this information, I’ll go back to the website and order them.