What Are The Different Types Of Car Insurance Available In 2021?

What Are The Different Types Of Car Insurance Available In 2021?

When looking for suitable car insurance the first question arises of the type of insurance. A new car also always offers you the possibility of opting for new car insurance and thus, if necessary, to save money. Moreover, it is only possible to change insurance at the end of the year. It depends above all on the guarantees that you wish to take out in addition to the insurance compulsory, there are also various optional insurances under Collected.Reviews.

Here are some of the best car insurance available in 2021.

Compulsory Insurance (called Third Party Insurance)

The compulsory insurance called “third-party” consists of the cover of your liability and that of anyone driving or parking your vehicle. This means that the insurance covers damage that you or others may cause with your vehicle to other people (third parties) as well as to their vehicle or any other property.

Comprehensive Insurance

This type of contract guarantees all cases of damage whether you are responsible or not and whether the person responsible is identified or not. Legally, this type of contract is said to be “multi-risk”. However, you must check the guarantees, deductibles, and exclusion clauses of this type of contract before committing yourself.

As soon as you opt for comprehensive insurance, you are compulsorily insured against the risks of natural disasters and attacks. In other words, damage to your vehicle thanks to a natural disaster or an attack is obligatorily covered by the contract.

Optional Guarantees

Depending on the damage you wish to insure, you have a range of guarantees.

Vehicle Damage Guarantees

The collision coverage provides compensation for the damage suffered by your vehicle during an accident with one or more other vehicles. The theft or attempted theft (that is to say, the degradation locks, starter, or management bodies of the vehicles) are insurable; as well as the theft of the contents of the vehicle and/or its trunk. You can take out vandalism guarantees, corresponding to the outright degradation of the vehicle by others without attempted theft, fire, and explosion as well as glass breakage.

Driver’s Personal Insurance

Neither civil liability nor damage guarantees cover the consequences of an accident on the driver himself. These consequences can be death, disability, physical or psychological consequences. They are guaranteed by the driver’s personal insurance.

The Individual Circulation Guarantee

This provides for a fixed compensation amount, that is to say, it is known from the subscription of the contract.

All-risk Insurance Rate

As with the premium to be paid for car liability insurance, each insurance company itself sets the rates for all-risk insurance depending on the model of the vehicle and the place of residence. Thus, the prices can vary in part very strongly from one company to another. Another factor to take into account is the amount of the deductible. The premium is more or less advantageous counting on the quantity of the deductible. Comprehensive insurance also offers a bonus-malus system. Therefore, the longer you drive without claims, the lower the premium and vice versa.

Finally, you are advised to critically analyze your risk exposure in order to enable you to choose the most suitable type of insurance

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